Vargo alcohol burning stoves

Posted by Dave on 7/19/2013 to Top Pack Blog

Responsible Preparedness Packages had tried and tested a variety of camp stoves and pack stoves before we discovered the Vargo alcohol burning stove.

 While attending a survival and prepper expo out west I was first introduced to the Vargo and after a little coaching on what model to buy I have never turned back.

One of our consultants, Colin Despins, an edged weapons designer/instructor and outdoor enthusiast, (who you may know for knife designs including the Karambite, Backbite, and The HKT) is also the designer of our EEDC bag. Although the EEDC does not include any type of food heating/cooking element, Despins highly recommended the Triade XE and the Decagon models. 

 The Vargo alcohol burning stove weighs only about as much as a fifty cent piece but produces a flame very similar to a natural gas burner stove found in many homes. 

 The Vargo stoves are high quality, durable, and extremely lightweight (by far the lightest I've found). The only drawback I have found is you do need to use the correct fuel in these stoves or they will get pretty nasty (we use Galley Heat boat Alcohol for ours).

 The intention behind incorporating the Vargo into our packages is to act as a back up to our biomass burning stoves. Because finding dry biomass can be difficult in certain conditions it is good to have a Vargo alcohol burning stove on hand.

 Rugged titanium construction, a solid reputation and a low smoke signature make it ideal for RPP LLC client needs. We put the Vargo stove (and a refillable alcohol storage bottle) in our EVR and EMR bags. file://localhost/Users/imac/Desktop/triad-new.jpg