The Sawyer PointOne Water Filtration System (Review)

Posted by Caleb Despins on 3/17/2014 to Top Pack Blog
The Sawyer PointOne Water Filtration System The Sawyer filtration system compared to a Katadyn and Nalagene bottle. “Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner My favorite author, Edward Abbey, always considered himself a connoisseur of dessert water holes, sampling springs, water tanks random trickles of water and rivers throughout the the southwest. In Dessert Solitaire he tells of subsisting off the murky waters of the Colorado on a float trip through Glen canyon before it was drowned under the Powell Reservoir. It was something I always enjoyed, the fact that Abbey so freely sampled from waters of his world. But times have changed in the 50 plus years since Edward Abbey wandered the desserts of southwest. Agriculture has expanded, as has manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and the general human population, not only in the southwest but in all parts of America. Yes there is water often all around us when we are out on the trail, but it takes a serious moment of need to drink from those water sources without some treatment of the water first. There is of course an entire industry that has sprung up to protect us from nasty bugs such as Giardia, e. Coli, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella typhi. There is of course boiling as an option, though hauling pots, camp stove and fuel on a day hike in case of need of water would be both heavy and time consuming. There are iodine pills or the bleach method if you don't mind your water tasting a bit chemically. Then there are the water filtration systems. For the last few years my go to water filter when it came to hiking was Katadyn Hiker Pro. It was straightforward, simple pump system. It was durable and small enough to not be a bother to back in and out on multiple day hikes. This last fall that I was introduced to another option. The Owner of TopPacks, hooked me up with the Sawyer PointOne All in One filtration system, something he includes in many of his survival preparedness bags. There are many things that set the Sawyer PointOne filtration system apart from pretty much any other filtration system on the market, the first being that Sawyer systems can filter a million gallons of water through it in its lifetime. Compared to the 300 gallon lifespan of my Katadyn's filtration element before it needs replacement (at 49.95 a pop) the value of investing in a Sawyer PointOne becomes apparent. Outside of its obvious value, the weight savings compared to a traditional filtration system are also worth mentioning. Unlike most other filtration systems where the filter is a separate apparatus from the water container itself, the Sawyer PointOne cuts down on this by being designed to screw directly on to its 32 ounce water pouch(BPA free), as well as on to most store bought water or soda bottles. The Sawyer system, with filter, 32 and 16 ounce water pouches weighs in at a combined 6.2 ounces. Compared to the Katadyn filters 14 ounces and add on the extra 7 ounces of a standard Nalagene bottle to carry the filtered water and it is almost a pound off of your pack load by carrying the Sawyer instead. Finally the Sawyer PointOne system is not just a field filter. It comes with everything needed for to set it up as an emergency filtration system in case of local emergencies or disaster. Combined with a 5 gallon bucket, and the PointOne could be used for years to provide clean safe drinking water in any area where there is water available. With Sawyers light weight and simple to use design it may be the best value in water filtration on the market. I find it to be an absolutely essential piece of gear while I am hiking. Several times it allowed me to extend hikes without having to ration or overload my backpack with water on the trail. It fills easily, and cuts down on time spent crouched over a stream pumping to get water that is safe to drink. For anyone looking to save weight and money or simply be a little more prepared for a worst case scenario, The Sawyer PointOne is certainly the best option on the market. The Sawyer filter and water bag rolled up are the same size and one third of the weight of the Katadyn. You can check out what else comes in TopPacks preparedness bags at, or visit Sawyers website for more information at,