Seriously Rethinking First-Aid (DDFAK Review)

Posted by Wilderness Wanderlust on 3/17/2014 to Top Pack Blog
Seriously Rethinking First-Aid “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait until that other is ready, and it may be a long time before they get off.”-Henry David Thoreau I love being outdoors. There is nothing that I love more then to be out on a trail, soaking in all that nature has to offer. But I can also be impatient, and as Thoreau points out if we wait on others to be ready it may be a while before we can get going. Which means that I often find myself out on the trail with just my dog. Being alone in an area of immense beauty can have its rewards, it can also have its perils. If your hiking alone and something goes wrong, there is only one person you can depend on. It was when I was living and hiking in Alaska that I first began to question the common sense of what most of us carried as far as first aid goes. Here my friends and I were hiking in both amazing and remote areas, and most first aid kits that we carried offered little more then a few band aids, a couple Ibuprofen, and a ketchup packet of antibiotic cream. There are times and trails that I've been on where this was probably enough to handle the worst emergency. But there are times and places where this just isn't going to cut it. Lucky, recently, I was able to make the acquaintance of Tony, the founder of Responsible Preparedness Packages(soon to be Top Pack). Tony started a business of putting premade packs together for people who want to have a small portable security blanket for emergency or disaster situations. Tony hooked me up with his Driver Down First Aid Kit(DDFAK) when he heard that I was planning on doing some solo hiking in remote parts of Utah. Top Packs DDFAK is NOT your discount outdoors style first-aid kit, this is a serious medical pack to handle serious field medical emergencies. It doesn't come with two single serving painkiller packs. Yes there are band-aids, but this is the kind of med pack you could treat a compound fracture with(blood clotting agent is there), not just a small cut on your finger. It contains things that you would actually NEED if you were in a remote area and you ran into serious trouble. This is the first-aid/med pack that I SHOULD have been carrying considering how remote some of the areas in Alaska that I found myself hiking in were. It WAS in my backpack when I found myself hiking alone in the La Sal mountains in Utah. So why carry the Top Pack DDFAK in serious back country areas? Where as your standard outdoor med packs, have a few band-aids, the DDFAK many, and sterilized gauze, with a tourniquet. Where as you may get moleskin for hiking blisters in some packs you get that here too, and burn dressings for possible burns from fire, and instant ice packs. Instead of safety pins, this kit come with an emergency dental kit. It is a seriously thought out med pack that can save your ass in places where help isn't a phone call away, places where cell phones don't even get reception. There are trails out there you can hike on carrying nothing more then a tune in your head. But there are other places where hiking requires forethought and preparedness. If your not prepared to take care of yourself, you shouldn't be there. This is a med pack for the people who'd rather be out there, seeing the spots most never get to because they aren't prepared enough to take care of themselves should something go wrong. Some people see disaster waiting around every corner, most times it isn't but sometimes it is, and if it is, this is the first-aid kit that no one should be without. To check out the full inventory in Top Packs DDFAK or order one of your own visit