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The Karambite is revolutionizing the "last ditch" neck knife concept.

Lets face it, there are far too many little knives out there that neither you nor I would dare utilize in a last ditch self defense effort. These knives are nothing more than a gimmick.

FORMIDABLE AND FUNCTIONAL - The Karambite is the first fully functional utility of its kind. Unlike others, the Karambite delivers vastly superior retain-ability and can be effectively gripped in multiple configurations for both precision cutting and self defense applications. The Karambite delivers more versatility and more BITE than any other knife in its class, with just less than 1.25 inches of blade! The Karambite is built for rugged reliability and a life times use. The Karambite ships including custom kydex sheath.

Tom Kier, on the Karambite:

“The Karambite is a unique and formidable "last ditch" knife with substantial unique application potential. It cannot be readily compared to its larger sized predecessors, or even the smallest of traditional Karambit style knives, a design the monopolizes the index finger (trigger finger) and is notoriously difficult to ditch should the necessity arise. The Karambite is optimum for the purpose of inflicting damage to the adversary via reflexive actions such as striking. In this case the magnification of effect would be substantial.”


The Karambite is the design concept of C Despins, a practicing martial artist of various disciplines since he "was three feet tall" (including - Tae kwon do, Judo, Muay Thai, Sayoc Kali and Russian Martial Art) he considers hand to hand combat and knives to be his "lifes addiction". Despins holds international certifications in Close Protection and High Risk Zone Operations. He has worked abroad in the field of close protection and competitive intelligence.

The Karambite™ is a custom production of the Max Venom Product Group. It is constructed of S35VN. The sheath MUST be attached to a lanyard or neck chain (not included) in order to be effectively drawn from the Kydex sheath.

Please allow up to 14 business days for shipment. (usually ships next day)

This product does not ship internationally

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