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High Risk PPE Module

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What's Inside?

Cooking + Fire Water Shelter

Just Upgraded with a Splash Guard Face Shield, and Duponts Tyvek IsoClean Hood!! with these 2 additions to the High Risk PPE Module you now have full body coverage including face, hair, and neck all in one package.

Other Included Contents:

N95 Mask

The flat fold N95 mask by 3M meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control and is designed specifically for the health care setting. This fluid resistant respirator reduces exposure to the spray, spatter and aerosol of blood and body fluids. It fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.  

Tyvek Coveralls

Tyvek is a non-woven material made of high-density polyethylene filaments that are spunbonded together by heat and pressure. The garment features are:

  • Provides barrier protection against dry particles
  • Tear-, puncture-, and penetration-resistant
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Chemically and biologically inert
  • Meets ANSI Standard 101-1006 sizing standard

High Risk Outer Gloves

FrontLine powder-free textured nitrile exam gloves are available in 12 inch lengths. These gloves are suitable for high-risk and patient care environments. FrontLine is suitable for use with alderhydes and offers substantial puncture resistance and is free of latex proteins. Ideal for healthcare professionals who are sensitive to latex. 

General Specifications:

  • nitrile (latex free)
  • Powder-free
  • Textured finish
  • 6 mil; 12 inch length
  • Blue color
  • NFPA 1999, 2008 certified

Inner Gloves

These gloves are made of 100% nitrile material which is free of the allergens found in standard latex gloves. They are engineered to give our users high performance by offering both maximum protection and unsurpassed tactile sensitivity.  Their unique black color makes them the perfect choice for tactical operations.

Special Features:

  • Individually wrapped pairs for convenient rapid deployment
  • Form fitting 
  • Beaded cuff for quick and easy donning 
  • Non-sterile


Our safety goggles provide vision plus comfort with a 35% larger lens allowing wear over prescription eyewear or sunglasses.  The .060" thick, optical-grade polycarbonate lens meets ANSI Z87.1-1989.  The indirect venting feature of the goggle minimizes fogging while also limiting potential entry points for contaminants.

Vionex Hand Wipes

Cleaning with Vionex® after removing gloves or when exposed to blood or other body fluids, gives you the extra benefit of laboratory proven, germ-killing effectiveness. In addition to a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent, it contains Nonoxynol-9. Formulated with skin smoothers and emollients to reduce drying and chapping of the skin.  Each hand wipe is 5" x 7".

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