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Gladius Vest Holster

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What's Inside?

Cooking + Fire Water Shelter
Our Patent Pending ballistics vest holster is the only one on the market like it. With our full warranty and money back guarantee you will love this holster for the life of your career. Our holster has several unique features: 1. It can be mounted anywhere on the hook and loop material portion of a ballistics vest. This is because the back of the holster is completely covered in hook and loop material (specifically the hook portion). 2. Allows the weapon to be drawn upwards out of the holster or rocked out of the holster. This is because of the retention on the trigger guard. The trigger guard is open at the bottom to allow no interference to rock the weapon out. The retention of the weapon is in the material of the holster pushing against the front of the trigger guard and wrapping around it. 3. Allows the weapon to be re-holstered due to the ridged form of the material. This is because the material keeps its shape and the holster won’t collapse. You will also receive a pull cord to help with faster unzipping of a uniform shirt to allow for quicker drawing. This holster is set up for a cross draw, so the “right hand draw” selection would be for a right handed shooter putting the holster on the left side of the body.
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