EVR Pack Endorsement

Posted by Tony on 1/23/2014 to Top Pack Blog
Imagine if your vehicle became disabled. Now imagine you're stranded on an isolated road in the desert, mountains or backwoods environment. Now, factor in inclement weather. You could find yourself in a life or death situation. My name is Al De La Cruz; as a retired National Park Service Ranger and Special Agent, I've spent a majority of my career working in these often times harsh environments. As an outdoors enthusiast most of my private and professional life, I have trained in survival scenarios with one important aspect...I always include essential survival gear and equipment for the outdoors. Tony Orr from Toppack Gear and I have designed the Emergency Vehicle Readiness Pack (EVR). This is a vital four season emergency pack designed to provide the primary essentials in unexpected emergencies. The EVR includes shelter, food and water. In addition, the EVR also contains numerous other survival tools to ensure your chances for survival. Whether it's for recreation or work, I recommend this product to anyone that spends time outdoors. As always, preparedness and the right gear and equipment is the key to your survival. Regards. Al DeLaCruz