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EBERLESTOCK "Ultralight" Sleeping Bag

Top Pack Defense LLC

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What's Inside?

Cooking + Fire Water Shelter

We have partnered with Carinthia, Europe's foremost manufacturer of sleep systems, to offer you these proven, top of the line homes-away-from-home. We'll confidently send you forth into the far reaches of the world with these sleeping bags, knowing that you will have a good experience with them.

Our Ultralight bag is a great warm weather bag, and works well in cooler weather if you wear insulated garments while sleeping. An extremely compact sleeping bag when compressed, this European-made bag is of exceptional quality and is perfect for "going in light."

Not just a stand-alone bag, the Ultralight can be used as a liner for the Reveille, which when combined turns the pair into a good cold weather bag. If you buy both, you will be ready for any environment.

The Ultralight features Carinthia G-Loft insulation, the best synthetic insulation on the planet. The incorporated mosquito net allows you to sleep under the stars in warmer weather, while keeping the summer's bugs out.

Comfort rated to 41 F. Practical "push" rated to 10 F.

Sizes: Regular for body height up to 72.5". Long for body height up to 78.7".

Actual Weight = 2.4 lbs.

Food Gear Hygiene + First Aid