Customer Review

Posted by Tony Orr on 9/30/2014 to Top Pack Blog
REVIEW FROM 09/25/2014 This a review from our latest buyer of the "Sportsman Bug Out Bag" First off, the Eberlestock X1 bag is excellent. TONS of space for all the great gear included and still have room for anything else you choose to add. I had no idea that this pack has the capability to hold a hydration pouch inside which was a nice surprise because I own one. Top Pack Gear does not cheap out on anything. All the gear that you get when you order this pack is of the highest quality possible. And for the price, you just cant beat it. One of the most handy things about this pack in my opinion is the drawstring bags that the gear comes in. It makes it really easy to keep track of your stuff and keep like things together and organized. In conclusion, I would HIGHLY recommend Top Pack Gear and the Bug Out Sportsman to campers, hikers, and anyone concerned with preparedness. This pack definitely deserves a 5 stars of out 5. ***** Sincerely, Pete from Connecticut