Choosing A Pre-made Bug Out Bag

Posted by Amanda Baird on 4/14/2015 to Top Pack Blog
Choosing A Premade Bug Out Bag For Sale 04/14/15 By Amanda Baird Beginning your evacuation preparations should start with deciding on the right premade bug out bag for sale. You could decide to collect and install all the components yourself, but it is much easier to pick a bag and add to it the items that are more specific to your own situation. You will get many ideas about items that you may not have considered. The bag must be easily available to you and must contain items that would allow you to leave your residence quickly in an emergency. A bug out bag is also known by a number of other terms. These include a BOB; I'm Never Coming Home Kit; a Get Out of Dodge bag; a Go Bag, Grab Bag, or Personal Emergency Relocation Kit. Other users refer to a 72-Hour Kit or a Battle Box. Some of these names are linked to the armed services Bail Out Bag. The reason for having such a collection of items in easily available form is to be able to move quickly in an emergency situation. Often the 72-hour window is all that is required before short term evacuees are able to return to their homes, or to make other sheltering arrangements. The contents of the bag are intended to provide minimum survival items for up to 72-hours. The type of emergency typical in a certain area would dictate the contents of the specific bag. You should choose a bag that is durable and spacious enough to hold the items. A backpack type, for example is one which can be carried by a hiker. You will probably want a bag that is at least water resistant, so that everything inside won't be subject to moisture, in the event that a flooding or storm situation is causing the evacuation. The portability of the bag is important. The best equipped bag is useless if it is too heavy to carry. Poorly made or overloaded bags that come apart during the emergency evacuation can be life threatening events. You should probably experiment with a loaded bag to determine if the weight and size of the contents are appropriate for the user. When purchasing a bag, you can expect that it will provide the minimum food, water, shelter and clothing items that you would need in an emergency. The next level of components adds to comfort. These might include lights, a first aid kit and soap. You will also need medical items, identification documents and maps, as well as some cash. You should include your own additions such as medical and identification documents, maps and cash. Other items which are necessary are related to any children, elderly or pets in your family. You start with the basics and add items for comfort. A premade bug out bag for sale can be a way to get you thinking. It is important that you use the prepared bag as a starting point to spark your thinking. You should be aware of the items that are included and why they are important. If you live in an area where the evacuation requirements are likely to be different, it is important to make adjustments to the basic components.