Toppackgear.com and Top Pack Defense LLC represents the best of emergency preparedness kits that the internet has to offer. If you have been searching for a single source supplier of high end quality products to help insure your personal safety when disaster or emergency strikes; youíve found it!

Top Pack Defense LLC offers a large variety of emergency survival kits, for your Automobile, Motorcycle, Boat and Personal Evacuation needs, including state of the art First Aid and Medical Responder kits.

Many of our customers search the web looking for bug out bags for sale, or looking for premade bug out bags for sale. We have taken the 72 hour emergency kit to a whole new level here at Top Pack Defense LLC. The food in most of our packs here at Top Pack Defense LLC is set up for 72 hours, but the emergency survival kits we have built should last much longer and provide you with the tools to acquire more food and get past that 72 hour mark.

These kits are completely built out. We can custom build you a kit with just the components you need! Many people already have several comparable components on hand. If this is the case with you it can drastically reduce the price to custom build a kit Just For You. Fill out the "Custom JFY Packs" section on the website and let me know what you need to complete a "Custom Just For You" pack and I will send you a free quote. You can call 608-318-5238 for Custom Built Packs just for you.

NOTE: We sell all of the items seen on this website individually as well. So if you see an individual item you want simply call or email using the contact information listed above. 

With help we have created amazing packages that are perfect for giving you and your loved ones a fighting chance in the event of a crisis. Each kit comes with the necessities you'll need during times of distress to help you become more self sufficient and less reliant on others.

All of our packages contain High Quality components that are constantly being upgraded and streamlined so we can give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

The food in our packs has a long shelf life and is delicious! 

Don't waste your money on junky/cheap kits sold on other sites. You get what you pay for in life, and when life or death and chaos is staring you and your loved ones in the face, donít rely on inferior cheap kits that will undoubtedly fail you when you need them most!!

Count on our high quality products here at Top Pack Defense LLC and toppackgear.com. Get the real deal with one of our Responsibly Prepared Packs that are hand assembled right here in the USA. We pride ourselves on using only High Quality components. That means you can count on our packs repeatedly with some very basic proper care and maintenance.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us and we will do our best to help. Your feedback is welcomed and will be taken seriously.

All Top Pack Defense LLC Kits are assembled using only high quality products, vetted by professionals and chosen for the best balance of quality and value for YOU!

Our line of safety and emergency preparedness products come entirely pre-assembled and ready for use. We have designed our kits based upon the real-life experience of experts in the field.

Top Pack Defense carries supplies and complete kits to assist during: an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, fire, flood, winter storm, or man-made crisis such as a blackout, accident, or terrorist attack.

Natural and man-made disasters are unexpected and unavoidable. Being prepared with emergency items beforehand and quick response afterwards are the only way to reduce casualties. Be Responsible and Prepared today for what may come tomorrow.