550 Paracord (7 strand)

Posted by Dave on 7/15/2013 to Top Pack Blog
We have made hundreds of bracelets, key chains, rifle slings, belts, etc... with this type of paracord.

I'm sure most of you have had some experience with this type of paracord, but my son did an interesting experiment with a 6 foot section of it. He looped one end to a hoist we have and the other around the ball hitch of his full size Z71 King Cab pick up (I wouldn't recommend trying this at home). He actually lifted the rear wheels of the truck off the ground a few inches before the cordage snapped. This stuff is amazing with all of the uses it has but damn that's impressive!! Our kits contain a 50ft section, + 2 bracelets that contain 7 feet each of 7 strand 550 Paracord in the Response Prep Pack, EVR, EMR, as well as the soon to be released HSBOB, and Maritime kits.